LPSDO Update

Whew—we made it to Friday and things certainly look better today than they did earlier in the week.  The City has really come through with the Experian building and we are planning to move in on Tuesday of next week.   There is a press conference at 10AM that you are invited to attend if you want to see where more than 100 of our team members will be setting up new digs.

Under the tremendous leadership of Kirk Langer, we believe that our e-mails, telephones and calendars will be functional next week.   We will soon be creating new paperwork….yeah…!

We also feel like we are very close to a second site that we will be able to announce early next week.

This sure has been a challenging week.   I am so proud of our LPSDO team members who have worked round-the-clock to make things happen, and our community that has offered so much support for our district in so many ways.   A few times this week, I was asked how we are able to get so much done in a short period of time.   After a little thought, I stated that we had many people who “didn’t go to bed—they went to work.”

I wish everyone a relaxing weekend,



  1. Victoria,

    According to this snippet of info from a Q&A page on the LPS website from 6/14, I’d say very soon!

    What is the status of grading systems at LPS schools?
    Teachers are currently entering grades. Final grades will be available for viewing on Pinnacle’s Parent Internet Viewer this coming Friday at 4:00 p.m. Report cards will be printed and mailed from buildings the first of next week and should be in homes shortly thereafter.

  2. Victoria McCall

    Dr.Joel: I am student and I was wondering when we are going to recieve final report cards. I know the fire does not help this but I was just wondering.

  3. Theresa Rippe

    Thank you for the radio and blog information which lets us know what is happening. It is great to be able to read for ourselves what is going on and where people will be located. Please also let us know either through the phones (connect ed) or the radio and blogs of how we can help. I hope this gets posted. The other attempts did not because of an invalid email. (go figure!)

  4. Amy Frankforter

    Keep up the amazing work, LPS team. I am proud to be a teacher in this district. I am in awe of the calm, professional organization taking place in spite of such a tragedy. I would be honored to help out when and where I can to get things up and moving. My children (all three students in LPS schools) also would be willing and able to lend a hand. Please include details in your future messages about what your needs are through this process. Thanks for all you do.

  5. Jim Johnson

    Sally: What blog are you reading? I could not find the boobirds (whatever those are) posted here. I did read some negitive comments on the LJS site. Perhaps you could post the needed defense on that area.
    On another note, most people who are showing a lack of empathy On the LJS site, are those who have had enough of our spend happy govt and they also have some issues with how the schools are run and department waste. If you confront waste at LPS and let people know about it, then leave employment you will NEVER get rehired. That is ok, because character is far more important than sheltering wrong doings. As for critical comments by posters, I rally do not think they are psychotic to the point of being a boo bird, but in person, and I know several, they really are nice and caring people. You have to get past the wall they built.

  6. Sally Jones

    I wondered how long it would take before the boobirds would start checking in. I feel sorry for people who can not step out of their own anger and personal feelings and step into the shoes of others who have had a profound loss and a disruption of their lives. To insult them, make fun of them and demean them at this time shows a lack of empathy. The people at LPSDO do amazing things to keep schools functioning, materials flowing, information sharing and building a strong, efficient school system. Give them a break.

  7. Renenet

    This temporary location (rented from the city I guess) is a chance to make some of the changes that some of the lpsdo staff had in mind while in the former location. Take Mary and Sue, Mary has to walk a long ways each morning to get her coffee and snack from Sue who brings homemade rolls and toast for the girls, so locating them close to each other would help. Another example would be putting five chairs and a cup of pens for the people who have time to visit the human resources department. A cold and hot snack machine for people who wait for appointments, and perhaps a computer for the public to fill out job applications rather than do the paper one, if they choose.
    Changing building location gives you some options. And electronic key cards for secure areas, like credit union and such. I thought I would post this because I am sure you wont get ANY suggestions from the facility management department. The old saying goes, once a puppet always a puppet.
    And I will end with this comment, Night staff working in the buildings can prevent the many vandal encouters the schools have had. This location LPSDO now has will need night security of some sort simply because of the remote location. And because of the wide spred knowledge that new computers, and lots of them are housed their.

  8. Whitney Hobbs

    Dr. Joel,
    I also almost ran over you, except you were crossing a bike path…We need to get you a reflective vest!

    Joking aside, I am beyond impressed with your communication with staff and the community regarding this setback for the district. You wasted little time on grief and pushed our district to move forward with persistence and positivity. While you obviously have many dedicated staff members who are working tirelessly to get us all back on track (Kirk Langer et all, especially), this movement would not be successful without a strong leader. Your organization, methodical approach, focus, and commitment is truly amazing. I have never been more proud to be a teacher and community member in the Lincoln Public Schools district.

  9. Lisa

    This team of dedicated, yet grieving staff that are doing everything humanly possible, ultimately for the kids we are so fortunate to serve, should be applauded. I hope you all have your own heroes who are keeping you safe and healthy, are comforting you and supporting your heroic efforts this week. Take care of you…for without you, we will have a hard time being us.
    Let us know if we can help with moving in, setting up or just by bringing in some sugar and caffeine!

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  11. Jill Waters

    Dr. Joel, I just want to say how impressed I am with your grace under pressure. I have been with the district for 16 years and feel we are in good hands. Thank you for being strong for all of us! I work in Federal Programs, and am the one that almost ran over you in the parking lot awhile back. Thank you for your tremendous leadership!

  12. Bruce Smith

    Dr. Joel,

    You and yrou team are doing an outstanding job during this terrbile time. My hats off to you and them for your hard work to get things back on track. Keep up the good work-we support you!

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