Mission Statement

The Scott Middle School Counseling Program attempts to meet the needs of all students, addressing typical concerns, questions, and choices facing young people. Each student is capable of fulfilling his or her goals. Guidance both at home and at school in these years assists in the development of the personal/social skills essential to our everyday interactions with others. The focus of the guidance and counseling program is both on developmental and preventative guidance. The school counselor is an advocate for the child, facilitating the change process. The program areas are educational development, career development and personal/social development.


The Counseling Program is planned and managed by three school counselors. Teachers and administrators support the Counseling Program. The program is student centered and supported by data. The program is evaluated by using this data at monthly PLC meetings by counselors. All school counselors abide by professional school counseling ethics as advocated by the American School Counselor Association.