NEC – Nuernberger Education Center

The Nuernberger Education Center is designed to serve students 6th through 8th grades who have been referred from other middle schools in Lincoln Public Schools. Through the use of a behavior model and Positive Behavioral Implementation and Supports (PBiS), the mission of the Nuernberger Education Center uses consistent expectations throughout the building in which students will be encouraged to develop self-management and coping skills that allow them to cultivate a positive self-concept. In addition to working with the middle schools from where the students were referred, the staff will collaborate and partner with students, parents, guardians, and outside agencies in order to assist in the betterment of all the young people that pass through the doors of the Nuernberger Education Center.

The Nuernberger Education Center (NEC) is named after Judge Bill Nuernberger, who was the first judge to serve on a separate Juvenile Court in Lancaster County. Judge Nuernberger advocated that young people need a separate court and worked tirelessly, both in his professional and personal life, to better the lives of all children in the community.