Information for Families

  • Click here for tips on supporting the social and emotional development of your middle schooler with help from the Parent Toolkit!


  • Got questions about social media, technology, or anything involving a screen? Click here to get answers and advice from Common Sense Media!


  • Click here to visit the American School Counselor’s Association website to learn more about the role of a school counselor and how we can support your child during the middle school years.


  • Tips for Middle School Transition: The following tips are taken from an article written by Dr. Sharon Sevier, which is posted on the Parent Toolkit website. This site is an excellent resource for adults working with middle school students (or students of any age!). Please check out the full article by clicking on the Parent Toolkit link above. You can read more about Dr. Sevier here.

Stay in contact with the school, especially with the school counselor, and allow them to “be the heavy” when you’re struggling to get through to your child.

Continue with a set time for homework, and stay on top of grades. Don’t wait for the teachers to contact you; you can also contact them.

Monitor the use of technology…it can be good, bad and ugly!

Vary friendships and encourage many groups of friends. In middle school, kids are introduced to a bigger world – help them explore it and welcome new friends into their lives.

Don’t rescue your child from natural consequences – these are the things that happen naturally, like earning a low score on a test because homework isn’t being done. This is how kids learn responsibility. If the teacher is blamed for the student’s low test score, this actually teaches the student that he or she is not responsible for his or her failure – the teacher is. A dangerous (and wrong) lesson to learn!