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Michael Melchizedek was born in Europe studying Latin, Classical Greek and theology. After his undergraduate degree in Philosophy he finished with a Master’s in Theology. Upon further studies at a University in Athens, Greece, later on,  he was awarded his doctoral degree in Hellenic (Greek) Literature. He also schooled in Early Childhood pedagogy here in America and obtained a Montessori teaching Certificate.

Michael Melchizedek had been teaching Latin, Classical Greek and German for many years in various school settings, including as Seminary Professor at a Divinity School. In addition, he also worked at a local Montessori school before teaching Latin classes at Southeast High School and mentoring highly gifted students predominantly in Latin, Greek and German at Lincoln Public Schools.

Michael Melchizedek has also worked as an Adjunct Faculty member at Southeast Community College and as a certified Tai Chi and meditation teacher at Madonna ProActive Medical Fitness Center.

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