This year, every student will receive a yearbook. Throughout the year I will be collecting donations for the yearbooks. If you or your company would like to help make this happen, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the LPS Foudation Fund-A-Need at this link: Mickle Student Yearbooks. You can also send money to school marked for the yearbook.
Another way to help support this cause is to collect “Boxtops for Education” labels. Proceeds from those will also go to the students yearbook purchase. If you have questions please email Teresa Searls at

Principal Gene Thompson

Student Supports at Lincoln Public Schools

At Mickle Middle School, staff teach students academic skills along with behavior skills in all school settings. For example, rather than expecting kids to arrive at a school knowing how to behave, schools teach appropriate behaviors. Within the LPS Student Supports framework, we  focus on teaching students what TO do by giving clear directions, being calm and patient, modeling expected behaviors, setting a good example, using positive recognition and reinforcement, and setting consistent and reasonable limits.

It is important to remember “pay attention to what you want to see” so we want to give more attention for appropriate behaviors versus harmful behaviors. While this focus doesn’t remove the necessity of responding to and taking action when kids create harm, it does substantially reduce many negative choices and increase the likelihood students will display appropriate behaviors.

Gene Thompson – Principal

Having students arrive to school in the safest possible manner is our goal at the start of each school day. Flexibility is needed to meet this goal, especially in winter weather when students are all bundled up on slippery surfaces. It is very important that drop-off traffic follow the traffic pattern. The plan also ensures that students are exiting vehicles on the sidewalk side of school. Even one car going the wrong way can halt traffic for everyone.
Even though the traffic pattern might not be the fastest (see included map), it is significantly safer for the children to have traffic drop offs spread out around campus. The necessity of going one way on the side streets around Mickle is to maintain traffic flow around parked cars or during poor winter weather.

Parents may request and the District will provide information regarding the professional qualifications of their student’s teachers and paraprofessionals.