LSW Virtual Counseling Center

We recognize that the way in which students and families access information is changing, perhaps now more than ever. As many of our students are learning remotely, we want to provide as much access to the services they would have from the Counseling Center if they were in the building as possible. Creating the Virtual Counseling Center is one way we’re working harder and smarter to reach ALL of our Southwest students. If you have questions, concerns, or feedback about any of the information linked in the Virtual Counseling Center, or if you would like to see something featured in the VCC, please contact your counselor.

Visiting the LSW Virtual Counseling Center (VCC) is an interactive experience that mirrors what students and families might experience if they were to stop by the LSW Counseling Center in person. All text and many graphics within the VCC provide direct links to relevant information and/or references for students, as well as access to resources we commonly use in the Counseling Center. Be sure to “click around” when you visit the Virtual Counseling Center!