Mourning Hope’s January Groups

Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Group

Thursdays | January 9February 27 | 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The Survivors of Suicide Loss Grief Support Group is for those who have experienced the suicide death of someone significant in their lives. Participants will take part in small groups divided by age. Register as an individual, or as a family… adults, teens and children (ages kindergarten and up) are welcome to attend.



Family Grief Support Group

Tuesdays | January 14March 24 | 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The Family Grief Support Group is for families with youth ages kindergarten through high school seniors who have experienced the death of someone significant in their lives. Youth process grief experiences through discussion, art and dramatic play in a peer group setting. Caregivers attend a separate group that runs congruently to learn how to support a grieving child, as well as process their own grief.




Kids’ Chance of Nebraska

Kids’ Chance of Nebraska is a non-profit organization that is proud to provide post-secondary and trade school scholarships to the children of Nebraska workers who have been severely or fatally injured in an employment related accident. The children of these workers often lose opportunities for secondary education and our aim is to raise funds for these children to pursue their education, reach their goals and fulfill their dreams for the future. For more information, please click here.

Hope Spoke’s Active Parenting Programs

Active Parenting Classes are enrolling now!

Parents of 5-12 Year Olds: 11/4/19 to 12/9/19, Mondays 5-7pm

Parents of 0-5 Year Olds: 11/7/19 to 12/5/19, Thursdays 4-6pm (excluding 11/28/19)

Parents of Teens/Adolescents: 11/18/19 to 12/23/19, Mondays 1:30-3:30pm

Contact Alicia Waltman, MA, LIMHP, LADC, LPC at HopeSpoke for more information or to make a referral at (402) 475-7666 or

Class fee is $40.00; however, a reduced rate as low of $5.00 based upon income is possible. Materials are included. A snack and an incentive is offered for participants that attend all of the course sessions.

The Active Parenting Program is made possible through the Community Health Endowment of Lincoln

Nebraska Patchwork Families Event

The Nebraska Patchwork Families will be holding an African American, Multiracial & Transracial Event at Belmont Community Learning Center on October 19th.  The schedule for the day will be  as follows:
10:00 – Introductions
11:00 – Parents will work with a speaker about interacting with the police, children will spend time talking about hair care and resources
11:45 – Parents will spend time talking about hair care and resources, children will do an interactive activity talking about their personal experiences with racism and microaggressions
12:30 – LUNCH!
1:00 – Parents will work with a speaker to talk about how to be an advocate, children will take a step class
2:00 – Large group/panel discussion about personal experiences, concerns, etc.
3:00 – End of the day

If you would like more information on Nebraska Patchwork Families, please contact Laura Virgl, School Community Coordinator – Belmont Community Learning Center at 402-560-0915 or