FAQs About College Rep Visits

Why should I meet with college reps who come to LSW?

  • College reps can offer a wealth of information about their schools and answer questions you have about attending their school and how to pay for it.
  • Meeting with visiting reps also shows your interest in a particular school, which could look good for you when they are reviewing applications. This is called demonstrated interest in the college admissions world.
  • It’s cheaper to visit with a representative at LSW than to visit an actual college campus (especially for colleges in other states!). Start by asking your questions and getting a feel for the college through a conversation with a visiting rep. If you’re still interested in the school, consider scheduling your own campus visit.

How do I know who’s visiting?

  • All visits are posted in your grade level Google Classroom and in the daily announcements posted on the homepage of the LSW website. These are updated frequently as additional visits are scheduled.
  • Check your school Google Calendar. College rep visits will be visible on your calendar if you have turned on this feature for your grade level Google Classroom.
  • Listen to the announcements each morning. Visits for the current day will be announced, and typically you can still sign up on the day of the visit (if it’s not already full).

What happens during the visits?

  • After brief introductions by students and the representative, the college rep typically spends the first part of the visit describing the school and programs offered. They may tailor the description by asking students questions about their interests prior to launching into their description. Visits often end with time for questions from students about the school, programs, admissions process, financial aid options, etc.
  • You’ll find these visits to be most helpful if you come prepared with questions about your specific interests/concerns. Questions should go beyond the basic information you could find on your own by visiting the school website. Come with questions that are tailored to help you decide if that school is a good fit for you! Need ideas?! Click here for 20+ questions to ask a college rep!

How do I register to attend a visit?

  • Visit your grade level Google Classroom and click on “College Rep Visits” under topics on the left hand side of the screen. Follow the instructions to complete the sign up form.

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