College Planning

Know How To Go

Learn more about how to make college happen for you by visiting for free resources and help along the way. No matter what path you’re taking, EducationQuest can help you get there! Students are also encouraged to share their college plans with their LSW school counselor, so we can partner with you to ensure you stay on the right path to meet your postsecondary goals. Contact your counselor today if you have questions about postsecondary planning!

College Exploration

College admissions experts suggest that students create a list that includes at least 3-5 realistic college choices and 2-3 dream options. Students and families should take time to check out the websites of these schools and consider creating a comparison table to help in making an informed decision. Students should also plan to attend at least 5-7 college rep visits at LSW during their Junior/Senior year. Check out the FAQs About College Rep Visits to learn more about why you should attend these visits and see who’s coming to Southwest in the future. The resources below may also help in your search for the perfect post-secondary institution — remember, it’s never too early to begin planning for what’s next after high school!

  • Common App – The Common App gives you the ability to apply to over 900 member colleges with a single application. Search for your top college choices and if they accept the Common App, you can really simplify your college application process! You can also use this feature to explore colleges and find your best fit.
  • Midwest Student Exchange Program – The MSEP provides more affordable opportunities for students who want to attend college out-of-state. Over 50 colleges and universities in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin participate in this program, so if you’re interested in going out of state for college but still want to stay close to home, this is a great program to explore!
  • Big Future – Another college exploration resource that many students also use in Take Charge (Junior year). Since transferring from one college to another can be expensive and stressful, you should look carefully at all of your options and consider what matters most to you in a school – take the time to do this now and save yourself the struggles that can result from making an uninformed choice in the future!
  • College Exploration Spreadsheet – Keep track of everything you’re learning about potential schools with this interactive spreadsheet. Click on the “Make a copy” button to create your own copy of this useful tool!

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