Dual Credit Opportunities at Southwest

Dual credit classes give students the opportunity to take rigorous college-level classes that can also be counted toward requirements for LPS high school graduation, as well as eligibility for athletic and/or academic honors. Available classes can vary each year, dependent upon current LSW teachers who are approved to teach college classes and which courses are being offered by local programs. High school students typically receive discounted tuition for dual credit classes and need-based scholarships are available for students who qualify – visit our College Planning page for more information.

The options listed below describe the most common pathways to dual credit for our students. Please contact your LSW school counselor to learn more about these opportunities, or if you have questions about other potential dual credit opportunities.

Off-Campus Opportunities

Students who choose one of these options will not have a class to attend at Southwest. These courses are taught by college instructors, either online or on the college campus. Some of the courses offered through these programs have been pre-approved for LPS credit, but that’s not the case for all of these classes. Always talk with your LSW school counselor prior to enrolling for any of these off-campus options (see process above). This is especially important if you need the high school credits to meet requirements for LPS graduation, athletic eligibility, or academic honors.

  • Enroll in the Nebraska Now program – A program offered through the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, this option provides students with the opportunity to take a college class on campus at UNL. Enrollment and registration is completed online; prerequisites may be required. Learn more and see current course offerings by visiting the Nebraska Now website. *Calculus III is also offered as a 0 hour on-campus option at Southwest – see your counselor for more information if interested in this class.
  • Enroll in the Dual Credit Advantage program (DC Advantage-Online) – SCC’s Dual Credit Advantage program offers a variety of courses that meet many general education requirements in a flexible online format. Learn more by visiting the DCA Program website.
  • Attend The Career Academy (TCA) – TCA is a joint venture between LPS and SCC where students participate in hands-on experiences while earning dual credit in one of 12 pathways. Students spend part of their day at their home high school, but also have classes off campus at TCA. Since this is an LPS program, all courses taken at TCA are pre-approved dual credit classes (no need to follow the credit request process above). Learn more by visiting The Career Academy Website.

Process for Requesting Credit toward LPS Graduation Requirements for Off Campus Courses (on campus courses will always be pre-approved for LPS credit)

  1. Notify your LSW school counselor. Any LPS student who is planning to earn LPS credit for a non-LPS class must notify their LSW counselor prior to enrolling in the college class. This is necessary to ensure the following steps are taken in the proper order so that both high school and college credit will be awarded. Students who are interested in dual credit opportunities are encouraged to notify their counselor of this interest as early as possible to help us provide the best planning advice and long-term outcomes. Failure to speak with your LSW counselor prior to enrolling for a college credit course could result in denial of the request for dual credit.
  2. Your LSW counselor will determine whether the class you’re requesting has been pre-approved by the LPS Curriculum & Instruction Department or if special district approval is required. If special approval is required, students will need to provide their counselor with the name of the course, the institution where the course is being taken, the number of credits earned for the course, and a description of the course. Counselors cannot make a request for district approval until this information has been provided by the student. This approval process must be completed prior to the start of the course. After district approval has been confirmed, the student can move forward with taking the class. Students and families should take note of enrollment, registration, withdrawal, and/or financial deadlines for their chosen dual credit option(s), as these deadlines aren’t necessarily communicated by Southwest teachers and/or counselors. 
  3. Once an approved course has been completed, LPS credit will be entered on the student’s high school transcript after an official college transcript has been received by one of the following individuals:
    1. For college courses that were included on the pre-approved list, the official college transcript should be sent to the LSW Registrar (Shannon Cornell – scornel@lps.org).
    2. For college courses that required special district approval, the official college transcript should be sent to the LPS Curriculum & Instruction Department (Lisa Ford – lford2@lps.org).

With the exception of courses taken as part of The Career Academy, this process must be repeated for any dual credit class that will be taken off campus.

On-Campus Opportunities

Students who participate in one of these options will attend a class taught by an LSW teacher as part of their daily schedule at Southwest. Courses marked with either a + or ^ symbol on the LSW Course Request Menus are on-campus dual credit options. College credit for all on-campus dual credit classes can be earned through at least one of the options below, but some classes have multiple options for how college credit can be awarded. CLICK HERE to view the current list of on-campus dual credit classes offered at Southwest.

  • Take the AP Exam – If students meet the cut score for their specific class (as set by the college where credit is being requested), they can get college credit. AP Testing is done in the spring, but students will register for the AP Exam during the semester they have that class. Teachers often offer additional study sessions leading up to the AP testing window. Learn more by visiting the AP Program website.
  • Dual Enrollment with NWU’s Wesleyan Honors Academy (WHA) – Students selecting this option pay reduced tuition at NWU and are awarded college credit if their overall grade meets requirements set by the institution. Students register for classes online and tuition is paid directly to Wesleyan. There are additional benefits for students who choose attend NWU after graduating from high school. The registration deadline is typically 4-6 weeks after the start of the class. Learn more by visiting the WHA website.
  • Dual Enrollment with SCC’s Dual Credit Advantage program (DC Advantage-In Person) – Similar to WHA, students opting for this choice earn college credit for successful completion of their class at Southwest. This program is provided through Southeast Community College, where high school students are eligible for a 50% tuition discount. Students enroll in DCA online and complete a paper registration form provided by their LSW teacher or counselor. There may be prerequisites for these classes. Tuition is paid directly to SCC. This registration deadline is typically within the first week of class. Learn more by visiting the DCA Program website.


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