Smithfield Foods Scholarship

Smithfield Foods began partnering with UNL in 2016 to support students with generous scholarships. In the first year, they identified 11 qualified students for $5,000 scholarships and the program has now grown to over 70 for scholarships that are now up to $7,500. Outside of Smithfield headquarters in Virginia, they have quickly become one of the most successful programs across the country. To apply for this scholarship:

· Students must file the FAFSA at and the UNL priority date is April 1st.

· The application deadline for the Smithfield Scholars fund is now May 15th (although, April 1st would be recommended to maximize other opportunities at UNL).

· Incoming freshmen who have been admitted can apply for this scholarship through MyRED under the Financial Aid tab

If you have questions about the Smithfield Scholars Fund you can contact Deb Augustyn, Assistant Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid at

Additional information and updates:

· Smithfield Fund educational scholarships are available to dependent children and grandchildren of full-time and retired employees

· Employees must have worked with the company a minimum of 18 months for their dependent child or grandchild to be eligible

· Recipients must maintain a 2.5 GPA to remain eligible and must reapply for the scholarship each year (we reach out to each recipient to reapply)

· Recipients must submit a note each year describing their educational achievements and goals (through an efficient electronic thank you note system)

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