Lincoln Community Foundation Scholarships

The Lincoln Community Foundation is pleased to announce that its Scholarship Season opens December 16!  Applicants may now access the online application form for the Spring 2020 scholarship awards!

Please use the following link to access the Foundation’s scholarship section: 

The Lincoln Community Foundation administers more than 80 different scholarship funds–many of which are for students who live outside of Lincoln/Lancaster County!  We encourage all Nebraska Students to visit the link to research their eligibility.  In 2020, over $447,000.00 will be awarded to more than 250 recipients.

Using the link above, students will click Sign Up and create an account on the Blackbaud Award Management platform by supplying their e-mail address as their username and a password.  Next, they receive an e-mail asking them to confirm their account.  When they do this, they have access to current scholarship information and the online application form.  NOTE* Students should NOT attempt to create an account on the Lincoln Community Foundation website by clicking the “My LCF Login” button.

Based on information provided in the application, when students complete and submit the form, they are automatically applied to Scholarships for which they are fully eligible.  These are “Auto-Match” scholarships, so they will not be applying directly to each one.  After submitting the application form, students will see these submitted applications on their account’s “My Opportunities” Tab.  A transcript and first page of the FAFSA report with the EFC (Expected Family Contribution) are required for all applications.

There are also Scholarships which require additional information beyond the transcript and FAFSA first page.  These are not “Auto – Match.”  They are labeled “Apply-To Opportunities” and can be seen on the account’s “Recommended Opportunities” tab after the application form is submitted.  Please read the information and criteria carefully to determine if you are eligible for these “Apply – To” scholarships.  “Recommended” does not mean that you are necessarily eligible.  To apply, students must click on these individually to finish and submit.  These opportunities may require references, answers to additional questions, special essays or other documentation.  When you click on the “Apply To” button of an opportunity you will see additional fields to answer questions, upload documents and fill in the names and addresses of your references.  References will automatically receive a link to write a letter of reference directly within the system.

The application deadline for most scholarships is March 15, 2020. 

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