True Potential Scholarship

The True Potential Scholarship focuses on creating opportunities for young immigrants who have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) and Temporary Protective immigration status (TPS). These individuals are commonly known as ”Dreamers” and are not eligible to receive any public benefits, including federal financial aid and many scholarships. Because of the public funds restriction, True Potential uses 100% private donations and private institutional funds.

The idea for this scholarship was born out of experience. Ross & Karen Pesek, the founders of this program, were able to attend college because of the generosity of others. Ross attended Central Community College, Wayne State College and the University of Nebraska College of Law over seven years always in scholarships. Karen attended Central Community College and Wayne State College also with a scholarship. Ross and Karen often give thanks to the donors whose generosity allowed them to get their education and begin to fulfill their true potential.

Since starting Pesek Law, Ross and Karen have dedicated much of their efforts towards helping others in their community. They opened a free legal clinic in South Omaha at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church where Ross gives free legal advice in Spanish every Monday night. He has met with over 2,500 people in eight years at the clinic. Ross has also announced immigration reforms to thousands at local churches and personally helped well over 300 people brought to this country as children obtain DACA. Finally, Ross has a thriving legal practice that is heavily influenced by Spanish speaking immigrants. Karen is the Director of Finance and Community Liaison of the firm and daily, both try to validate those individuals who gave them an opportunity by creating the scholarships that funded their education.

Since 2014, and thanks to the generosity of many donors, over 100 full one year scholarships have been awarded to approximately 75 unique individuals.

For more info about the True Potential Scholarship and to apply, visit The deadline is March 31st, 2020. If you have additional questions, please contact Karen Pesek (Program Cofounder and Director) at

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