Gettysburg College: New Major

Gettysburg College is offering a new major: Business, Organizations, and ManagementBeginning in the 2020-21 academic year, it will be available to students enrolled at Gettysburg College in or after Fall 2019.

Grounded in the liberal arts—a hallmark of the Gettysburg College experience—our Business, Organizations, and Management major is designed to provide students with exposure to the fundamentals of business within a dynamic global environment.

While this major replaces Organization & Management Studies (OMS)—a program that served Gettysburg students well for many years, leading them to career success in a variety of fields—the Business, Organizations, and Management major is an evolution of this rigorous study.

The Business, Organizations, and Management major will equip students with the skills they need for careers in management or leadership positions in business, government, or the nonprofit sector of any other organizational environment.

Students majoring in Business, Organizations, and Management will take microeconomics, accounting, organizational behavior, statistics, research methods, marketing, and ethics. As part of the capstone class, every major will complete a Critical Action-Learning Experience, which could be an internship, global study experience, or community engagement project.

Click here to read more about our Business, Organizations, and Management major.

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