University of Dayton’s Leadership in Service Scholarship

A University of Dayton education may be even more affordable for students who receive the Leadership in Service Scholarship. Interested students should ask a community member or their assigned counselor if they will be willing to nominate  them if they are graduating seniors with a passion for personal development and a commitment to service. Qualified students will receive a $10,000 Leadership in Service scholarship ($2,500 per year for four years). While the chosen students need to meet the admission standards, University of Dayton is looking for students with an innate desire to learn and grow in service to others — not necessarily ones with the highest GPA.

Nominees will also be eligible to receive a University of Dayton merit scholarship, worth up to $112,000 over four years. The deadline to completethe nomination form for the Leadership in Service Scholarship is Nov. 1, 2019. Additional information is available at next steps — download the “next steps” card (.pdf). If you have questions, feel free to contact or 800-UD PRIDE (800-837-7433).

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