Leigh University: College of Health

Leigh University will be offering a College of Health Program starting in Fall 2020. Population health science seeks to advance our understanding of the multiple determinants of health, from cell to society, and how they interact to produce the health outcomes that we observe. This new program will offer students the opportunity to engage in traditional classroom programs, research, experiential learning and student-faculty interdisciplinary collaboration in such areas as data analytics, health communications, community health, ethics and more.

The College of Health will offer the following for fall 2020:

  • B.S. in Population Health
  • Certificate in Population Health
  • Certificate in Global Population

Leigh University will be just the second undergraduate college of population health in the nation, placing it in a unique position to develop students to meet the fast-growing employment needs in the health care sector. Employers such as the National Institutes of Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the American Cancer Society, RTI International, Google Health and Booze Allen Hamilton are seeking graduates with an understanding of population health to work in fields including epidemiology, medicine, data science, biostatistics, global health, health economics, health policy, community health, health promotion, and health technology and innovation. For more info, visit Leigh’s website.

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