Creighton University: Now Test-Optional

Creighton University is now test-optional* beginning with students applying for fall 2020.

Why test-optional?
To make Creighton education accessible to high-achieving students who may believe that test scores are not reflective of their academic record and ability to be successful in college, it is now test-optional. To us, the overall portfolio of academic experience, as demonstrated through a student’s high school performance, can be more predictive than a single test or combination of tests. Four years in the classroom says more to us than four hours taking a test. Experience shows that the rigor of a student’s program and overall academic performance shows how students will fit into the Creighton community.

Who should apply test-optional?
Students whose test scores may not accurately showcase their ability to succeed at Creighton will likely benefit from applying test-optional. Typically, students whose test scores fall above our 25th-percentile do not benefit from applying test-optional. (The 25th-percentile for ACT is a 24; the 25th-percentile for SAT is 1180.)

This is a very holistic process and there aren’t hard-and-fast rules. If you have any questions about whether or not you should apply test-optional, please visit Creighton’s test-optional website or contact or +1 402-280-3845.

*Test-optional does not apply to nursing applicants or homeschooled students.

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