2019-20 Diversity Leadership Symposia Series at UNL

Nebraska’s Diversity Leadership Symposia are special events for high school students designed to celebrate and promote leadership in diverse communities. Students who have registered and attend will be considered for the $2,000 Emerging Leaders scholarship per year ($8,000 total). Interested students are invited to visit https://admissions.unl.edu/events/on-campus/diversity-leadership-symposia/ to learn more and register for one of the Leadership Symposiums listed below:

  • Nebraska Fall Latinx Leadership Symposium * Wednesday, October 30th (seniors only)
  • Nebraska Fall Black Leadership Symposium * Wednesday, November 6th (seniors only)
  • Nebraska Native Leadership Symposium * Tuesday, November 2th
  • Nebraska Asian Leadership Symposium * Tuesday, November 9th
  • Nebraska Spring Black Leadership Symposium * Wednesday, April 5th (9th – 11th grade students)
  • Nebraska Spring Latinx Leadership Symposium * Wednesday, April 22nd (9th – 11th grade students)

Cost is $5 and includes lunch and T-shirt. For F/R Lunch students, the cost is waived.  If you have questions, please contact Sarah Simon, special events assistant director, at sarahsimon@experience.unl.edu or 402-472-6848.


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