The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program seeks students who have demonstrated the outstanding potential to become great leaders in college and beyond. Our hope is that all Robertson Scholars will play significant and impactful roles in their communities and society, today and in the future.There is no such thing as a ‘typical Robertson Scholar’. Our Scholars pursue a range of passions, academic interests, and personal and professional goals. While each Scholar brings their own skill sets, strengths, and personalities to the program, they share the following traits:

Purposeful Leadership

    • Robertson Scholars lead with courage and conviction.
    • Fearless and innovative, they inspire and mobilize others to find creative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.
    • Leadership is not just a position or title; rather, it is embodied by those who have the vision, determination, and work ethic to create positive change within their communities.

Intellectual Curiosity

    • Robertson Scholars embrace complexity and think critically.
    • They understand that knowledge is more than grades and test scores.
    • In pursuit of greater understanding, they become thought-leaders in their field of interest.

Strength of Character

    • Robertson Scholars act with confidence, compassion, and humility.
    • They set examples for others and have the maturity and personal integrity to do what is right, even when they are in the minority.

Collaborative Spirit

    • Robertson Scholars build bridges and transcend boundaries.
    • They value collective effort and shared experiences, and they embrace opportunities to learn from each other.

The application is NOW OPEN for First Years at Duke and UNC to apply to join the Robertson Scholars Class of 2020!

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