Project HELP Grant

Project HELP is a federally-funded grant that is partnered with Central Community College, Mid-Plains Community College, Northeast Community College, and Southeast Community College. It focuses on helping low-income individuals achieve an education and career in healthcare, and our program is specifically designed to meet the challenges and barriers particular to those populations. We offer scholarships, tuition waivers, scrubs, gas cards, professional success and career coaching, and much more.

Project HELP serves the 77-county area for the community colleges listed above and are seeking news ways and opportunities to interested family members and students of Southwest High School know about this program. Click here to learn more about this program.

Project HELP has helped over 1,700 people attain an education and career in healthcare and have a track record of success.  It can be used to  qualified students, whether they are sixteen-years old and want their CNA certificate for a summer job or are looking into healthcare degree programs at a community college.

If you have questions, please call Vanessa at 402-437-2486.