Lincoln Community Foundation Scholarships

The Lincoln Community Foundation has updated its scholarship guidelines and application materials for spring 2017 scholarship awards!

You may find information about these available scholarships by visiting the Lincoln Community Foundation website at

The Lincoln Community Foundation administers more than 70 different scholarship funds–many of which are for students who live outside of Lincoln/Lancaster CountyAll students from across Nebraska are invited to visit the website to check their eligibility.

Students are able to apply for multiple scholarships by completing a single electronic application form.  Their answers to questions within the application will match them to scholarships for which they may be eligible to apply. From this list they can select the specific scholarships for which they choose to apply and upload the required attachments for each one.  The application deadline is March 15th, 2017. 

Click on “Scholarships” in the “GRANTS” box near the top of our home page.  Students can search scholarships by the specific name of the scholarship, or by keywords relating to the criteria of the scholarship.  Watch the REQUIREMENTS in the scholarship description for a list of documents the student will be required to upload after they complete the application.

Students wishing to apply will need to create an account on the website prior to filling out the general application.  After the application pages, they will be presented with a list of scholarships for which they may be eligible to apply.  Students are encouraged to carefully review all of the scholarships that display on their list to make sure they are eligible to apply; it is possible that some of the scholarships that display may not be applicable to them.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Robert McMasters at or (402) 474-2345.