University of Minnesota Twin Cities’ Common App

Beginning this week, students will have the opportunity to apply to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities using the Common Application. Some FAQ that the University of Minnesota Twin Cities has received regarding this new process are listed below:

  • Do you have a preference for the University of Minnesota Twin Cities application or the Common Application?
    No. Students applying using either platform receive equal consideration for admission.
  • Do students need to submit a Common Application Personal Essay?
    No. Our application has some optional short answer questions, but no essay questions.
    Note for Counselors: We have made every effort to make it very clear throughout the platform and on our website that the Common Application Personal Essay is not required.
  • Do students need to submit mid-term grades?
    No, we do not request mid-term grades through the Common Application; if we need to request updated grades for any reason we will request them directly from the student.
  • Do I need to submit letters of recommendation?
    No; we do not request or require letters of recommendation. Our application asks for the information necessary to fully consider a student for admission.
  • Why has the University of Minnesota decided to join Common Application?
    Over the years, we have worked hard to “meet students where they’re at.” It’s important to us that we engage with students and families in the manner and platforms that they prefer, and this is another step in that direction.
  • Why have you launched in November?
    We intentionally chose a timeframe after our November 1st priority deadline so that we can work deliberately and carefully to implement a new application—and make sure that accuracy, timeliness, and excellent student experiences are realized through this work. As there is no preference given to one application platform, we felt a ‘soft launch’ in November was the best way to ensure we could effectively implement a new format.

With any new endeavor there may be questions, so please reach out to the University of Minnesota if they can be of assistance. Contact information of University of Minneosta Twin  at 612-626-8378 or 1-800-752-1000.