FAFSA Changes

Starting with Academic Year 2017-18, the traditional FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) submission date of January 1 will change to October 1. In addition, families will be able to use tax information from the prior year. The January 1 start date made it difficult for families to get their tax information gathered in time to complete the application. By moving the start date up three months earlier to October 1, students will have more time to fill out this vital information, they’ll have tax information at hand, and families will have more time to evaluate the school’s financial aid award package.

To learn more about the FAFSA changes, please click here.

CollegeWeekLive.com: New FAFSA Webinar

Perhaps you heard there is a “new” FAFSA but aren’t really sure what is going on. Financial aid is changing. Colleges will expect families to be ready for the new process.

CollegeWeekLive.com will present an online session on August 9th @ 11 AM Central Time that will review changes associated with the Prior Prior FAFSA process:

  • How to differentiate estimated income from actual income
  • Which changes families should expect in the FAFSA
  • What steps families should take to prepare for October 1st

To register for this event, visit http://www.collegeweeklive.com/sign-up/ceu-august-2016-the-early-fafsa

Inspire Future Business Leader and Scholarship Award

The Inspire Future Business Leader and Scholarship Award is valued at $5,000. The criteria is as follows:

A Lincoln area female currently enrolled in a Lincoln area school who has contributed exceptionally in school activities, her local community and philanthropy or girls groups over the past year. She has a strong sense of self, a success-driven work ethic and great career aspirations.

Nominations for this award may be made at: http://journalstar.upickem.net/engine/YourSubmission.aspx?contestid=249022

BestColleges.com: Financial Aid for Online Classes

In recent years, as the popularity of online higher education has exploded across the country, financial aid options to explore are available at BestColleges.com.

There has been a 263% increase in students enrolled in online courses since 2004, and in 2012, approximately 5.5 million college students took at least one online class. According to the Babson Survey Research Group’s 2015 Survey of Online Learning, the percentage of students taking classes online is still growing. The study found that more than one in four students now takes at least one online course. Even more striking, distance education enrollments account for nearly all recent enrollment growth at two-year institutions.

Wesleyan Honors Academy

Below is a list of classes that will students may earn dual enrollment credit at LSW through Nebraska Wesleyan University. Tuition will be $90 per credit hour. For more information about the Wesleyan Honors Academy, please visit:


For more information, please visit Mr. Feeken in the Counseling Center.


AP Chemistry Greg Cooper
AP US History Russ Raatz
AP US History Russ Raatz
AP US History Ted Larson
AP US History Ted Larson
AP Literature and Composition Teresa Abrahams
AP Literature and Composition Teresa Abrahams
AP Language and Composition Teresa Piper
AP Language and Composition Teresa Piper
AP Language and Composition Toni Dutton
AP Language and Composition Toni Dutton

H & R Block Budget Challenge

With the free H&R Block Budget Challenge, students encounter real-world personal budgeting situations through an online simulation. Just for playing, students could win one of ten $20,000 college scholarships!

By learning strong budgeting skills and fiscal discipline early, students gain the knowledge and confidence to manage their own financial future!

It’s fun. It’s free.  Check out this video to learn more.

National Testing Dates for the ACT, SAT & PSAT

ACT NATIONAL TEST DATES –Register online at www.ACT.org.

Test Date                      Register By                 Late Registration*
Sept. 10, 2016               Aug. 5, 2016                Aug. 6-19, 2016
Oct. 22, 2016                 Sept. 16, 2016             Sept. 17-30, 2016
Dec. 10, 2016                Nov. 4, 2016                 Nov. 5-18, 2016
Feb. 11, 2017                Jan. 13, 2017               Jan. 14-20, 2017
Apr. 8, 2017                   Mar. 3, 2017                 Mar. 4-17, 2017
June 10, 2017                May 5, 2017                 May 6-19, 2017
*$25 late registration fee applies

LPS ACT TEST FOR ALL JUNIORS APRIL 19: FREE for all juniors! These test scores may be used for college admission and scholarship applications. Each high school will register its juniors for this test.

OPTIONAL ACT WRITING TEST – National ACT test only (not the LPS ACT): If a college requires the writing test, your student must register and pay for this optional test when registering for the ACT test.

SAT NATIONAL TEST DATES – Register online.

                                                                         Late Registration**
Test Date                   Register By              
Mail          Phone/online
Oct. 1, 2016               Sept. 1, 2016             Sept. 13           Sept. 20
Nov. 5, 2016              Oct. 7, 2016               Oct. 18             Oct. 25
Dec. 3, 2016              Nov. 3, 2016               Nov. 15            Nov. 22
Jan. 21, 2017             Dec. 21, 2016            Jan. 3               Jan. 10
Mar. 11, 2017             Feb. 10, 2017            Feb. 21             Feb. 28
May 6, 2017               Apr. 7, 2017               Apr. 18              Apr. 25
June 3, 2017              May 9, 2017              May 16              May 24
**$28 late registration fee; $15 phone registration fee

PSAT TEST DATE: Oct. 15: To be considered for National Merit Scholarships, a junior must take the PSAT. Students MUST register through the schools’ counseling offices; no online registration is available.

For more information, including fee schedule and information for parents of students with IEPs about applying for testing accommodations:

LPS 2016-17 Workshops for the PSAT, ACT, & SAT Exams

Lincoln Public Schools offers high-quality, affordable workshops to help students prepare for the PSAT, ACT and SAT I college exams. Both LPS and non-LPS students are welcome to register.


1)  Register Now online.

2)   Register by mail: Print the 2016-17 ACT-SAT-PSAT brochure. Complete the form and mail it to: LPS Test Prep, Box 19, LPSDO, 5905 O Street, Lincoln, NE 68510.

TWO PAYMENT OPTIONS (Your student does NOT have a reserved spot until payment is received):

1)   Mail check to: LPS Test Prep, Box 19, LPSDO, 5905 O Street, Lincoln, NE 68510
(payable to LPS; write your student’s name on the “Memo” line).

2)   Call Accounting and pay $125 via credit card – $.70 fee applies.
(402-436-1700 or -1701, M-F, 8 am to 4:30 pm)

Workshop Cost: $125 for each workshop. If a student qualifies for free or reduced lunch, tuition is reduced (contact your school counselor or Linda Geisert at lgeisert@lps.org for tuition information). To qualify, we need a note or e-mail from your school verifying your student’s lunch status, or a copy of the District letter granting the lunch status.

Workshop Refund Policy: Cancellation requests must be received before the first class date. A $20.00 handling fee will apply.

Late Registration Fee: $20 (applies to students not registered by the deadline)

Late Fee For Unpaid Registrations: The late fee also applies to registrants who have not paid the tuition by the “pay by” date. Your student does NOT have a reserved spot until payment is received. If a workshop is full, unpaid registrants may lose their spot in the workshop to paid registrants on the waiting list.

Registering for an LPS workshop DOES NOT register your student for the national test. You MUST also register separately for the national test!

2016-17 SCC Dual Credit Classes at LSW

Below is a list of dual credit classes that will be offered at LSW through Southeast Community College during Terms 1 and 2 of the 2016-17 school year:

  • Calculus 1 * MATH 1600 HS06a * S Scofield
  • Statistics *  Math 1180 HS061 * G Vifquain
  • Calculus 1 * MATH 1600 HS06a * J Devries
  • Calculus 1 * MATH 1600 HS06b * J Devries
  • Calculus 1 * MATH 1700 HS06b * J Devries

For more information, please contact Mr. Feeken in the Counseling Center.

Summer Courses

Any course taken during the summer that a student would like to have listed on their LPS transcript and included in class rank and cumulative GPA for the 2015-16 school year must be entered into Synergy by the school registrar by the end of the first week of school – Friday, August 19, 2016.