Schedule Change Request Form

The development of your class schedule is based on the courses that you select during the registration process. Once all course requests are received, a building master schedule is developed. Courses are scheduled using a system that allows the most students to receive their requested courses. Sometimes conflicts occur among courses and students will be required to make a decision. Graduation requirements are the top priority by default. We also work to ensure that there is balance to keep classes sizes at a level that maximizes their instructional effectiveness.

We make decisions with regard to our staffing, room assignments and class offerings based on the requests for each course. Once our schedule is built, the priority will be to only make adjustments in line with graduation and post-secondary requirements. Class schedules are not subject to change in order to move a class from one block to another, from one teacher to another or to change lunchtime.

The LSW 2016-17 Schedule Change Request Form, which may be accessed by clicking here,  is to be used only for one of the four approved reasons listed below:

  • Senior not enrolled in a required class for graduation requirements or college entrance requirements
  • Enrolled in an academic class for which you have already received credit
  • Not met prerequisite for class (i.e. Geometry without taking Algebra first)
  • Incomplete schedule (i.e. See Counselor)

Please keep in mind that schedule change requests may not be able to be completed due to no openings available, time conflicts, haven’t met pre-req, etc.

Because counselors are out-of-the office during Summer Break and may have limited access to emails, please return the  Schedule Change Request Form to the Main Office. When counselors return to work after Summer Break, they will review the Schedule Change Request Forms. If counselors have questions or need additional information, they will contact the students so please include both an email and phone number on the Schedule Change Request Form.

Thank You!

~ LSW Counselors