Recording Workshop: Music Technology Programs

Young adults with a strong passion for music technology have a more diverse (and confusing… and costly!) mix of educational choices than ever before.
In 1977, Recording Workshop pioneered certificate training in music recording and audio production. In 2016, Recording Workshop remains the leader in effective, affordable, concentrated “hands-on” career prep in this profession.
The Recording Workshop offers students the following opportunities:
  • We train the operation of professional music recording and audio equipment.
  • We focus on music, but also prepare students for audio jobs in corporate services, television, and film.
  • The training is short-term (5-7 weeks) and very immersive (6-9 hours/day, 5 days/week).
  • The training is very hands-on, all done at our campus in Chillicothe, Ohio.
  • Affordable student housing ($60/week) is available on our campus.
  • We have offered such training since 1977. Over 15,000 students from 70 countries have attended.
  • College credit is available in conjunction with Capital University (up to 12 hours of credit).
  • Most of our students are not college bound. We are an effective Certificate alternative for these students.
  • Our tuition is affordably priced – $3475 for 5 weeks (180 hours) of CORE training.
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Mary Koenic Goyette Encouragement Scholarship

The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools is still accepting applications for the scholarship listed below. For more information & to apply, visit

Mary Koenig Goyette Encouragement Scholarship $1,000

  • Lincoln Public Schools senior
  • Attended Saratoga Elementary School for at least one year
  • Plan to pursue a post-secondary
  • Preference given but not limited to students attending a public institution, private institution and to students who demonstrate financial need
  • Scholarship is explicitly prohibited from being granted to students attending a for-profit institution