Shadow Day at TCA

For students starting to think about next steps beyond high school, maybe looking at The Career Academy is an option. By test driving a career/college pathway at TCA while still in high school, He/she can start earning credits, save money, and could find a great fit!Invitation to a Shadow Day at TCA
Student are invited to attend a regular session at TCA to shadow a pathway of interest. This will allow for interaction with students and instructors within the selected pathway while also attending a session on how TCA works for students.

Explore — Discover — Earn Credits & Save Money
During the shadow day,   students will spend some time in the pathway classroom, tour the facility, and then interact with a student panel about the advantages of attending TCA. Students enrolled at TCA have multiple hands-on experiences with business/industry mentors and advisors, attend community events, and participate in competitions. Free transportation via bus from the home LPS high schools, free books, and free or discounted tuition is available to all students. Plus, students continue to earn LPS credits toward graduation requirements and will complete high school with a college transcript showing anywhere from 10 to 20+ SCC quarter credits with just one year at TCA! Students with a Diploma+ definitely standout on scholarship and college applications!

The Power of YOU!
The TCA Shadow Day will be held on February 26th during either our AM or PM session. To register for the Shadow Day, he must fill out the form found at:

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