USD School of Mines’ Scholarships

In order to be considered for incoming freshman scholarships at the School of Mines, prospective students must be accepted for admission no later than the first business day in February prior to the academic year they plan to attend. For admittance to the School of Mines, students are required to submit an online SD Mines admission application or a paper admission application by mail, fax or e-mail.  Regardless of how you submit your application, all incoming freshman accepted for admission on or before the first business day in February will be competitively evaluated for incoming freshman scholarships. A separate application is not required for incoming freshman students. Students interested in departmental scholarships should contact their respective department for further information.

All applicants must carefully review the admission application requirements and ensure that all required documents (including no less than an official 6th semester high school transcript or a final transcript for students that have already graduated from high school) are received by the Admissions Office by the first business day in February deadline.