Young Leaders Summit (YLS)

The Young Leaders Summit (YLS) is accepting applications for high school and college age student leaders. Here is a video about the event’s purpose, including some excerpts past speakers: YLS Highlight Video. YLS 2015 will be held June 3rd & 4th at the Nebraska Innovation Campus. Our featured speakers this year are as follows:

  • Tim Elmore, Founder and President of Growing Leaders and author of Habitudes
  • Chase Mielke, 2014 Michigan Teacher of the Year Nominee and Positive Psychology Program Creator,
  • Dr. Lindsay Hastings, Director of the Nebraska Human Resources Institute
  • Mike Smith, Founder and Executive Director of The Bay and Skate for Change

For more info, please contact:

  • Melissa Monhollon
    • Analyst, Training & Product Development Specialist
    • Building Talent Driven Communities With eXcellence 
    • 2900 S. 70th Street Park One, Suite 100|Lincoln, NE, 68506
    • 402.486.1102 Office