Registration for 2015-2016

Southwest High School students and parents: It is time to register for the 2015 – 2016 school year. Here are details regarding the registration process.

There will be an emphasis placed on familiarizing you with the LPS graduation requirement fields. This will restructure the organization of the courses by graduation fields instead of departments. It is important for our school community to know how these fields relate to the many course offerings that are provided by our school district. Every year our students plan and make their course selections to meet their post secondary goals. As we partner in supporting these goals, we are also taking steps towards increasing our graduation rate. On behalf of school staff, thank you for allowing us to be a part of this educational partnership.

Reminder, it may be possible to take more than one level of Mathematics. Please check with your teacher or your counselor for guidance in this regard. You may also take more than one level of World Language. In addition a student can select Weight Training and Adv. Weight Training more than once.

The registration window will be open in the Synergy ParentVUE/StudentVUE from Monday, February 2nd through Friday, February 27th. To do this registration process you will need to use a computer not your phone app. For students and families who would like assistance with the online registration process, dates and times of help sessions are listed below:

  • Tuesday, February 3rd @ 4 to 7 pm
    • Session for Current Non-Scott 8th Graders will be held at LSW
    • Session for Current Scott 8th Graders will be held at Scott
  • Thursday, February 5th @ 3 to 6 pm
    • Session for Current 8th – 11th Graders will be held at LSW
  • Tuesday, February 10th @ 4 to 7 pm (LSW P/T Conference)
    • Session for Current 9th – 11th Graders will be held at LSW
  • Tuesday, February 17th @ 3pm to 6 pm
    • Session for Current 8th – 11th Graders will be held at LSW
  • Tuesday, February 24th @ 3 pm to 6 pm
    • Session for Current 8th – 11th Graders will be held at LSW

LSW Online Registration Directions

Students and families continue to have the option of registering on their own at home, LSW Media Center, public library, etc. Directions are as follows:

  1. Use the grade level Graduation Requirement Check List below that corresponds to your next grade level to select courses.
  2. Log-in to StudentVUE and go to select “Course Requests”
  3. Scroll down to the “Graduation Status Summary”
  4. Review areas highlighted in yellow as they indicate grad requirements to be met and match them with the courses you marked on your grade level Graduation Requirements sheet.
  5. Scroll up to Selected Course Request and go to “click here to change course requests”
    • In the “Course Title” box type in full course name as shown on graduation check list then click enter or “Search Courses” box
    • Click on “Request” for selecting a course. Note, 2 termed courses are listed separately select, both parts – make sure you click on the box that reads “Click here to move selected requests to Selected Course Requests”
    • Select at least three alternate courses by clicking on “Alternate”
  6. Register for a TOTAL of 80 credit hours