Teens & Grieving

Knowing that there are many in the LSW community who are grieving as a result of our two student deaths during summer, the LSW Counseling Center is sharing the info below with families. Taken from LPS’s Helping Teens with Grief brochure, the information provides suggestions for families who have teens experiencing the grieving process.

  • Help teens find avenues to express their grief.Some people like to journal, others prefer art, dance, music, or physical activity to release stress. It’s important that each person be allowed to find what works for him or her.
  • Encourage their participation in support groups where they have the opportunity to share with others their age, who may have had a similar experience.
  • If you have specific concerns about your teen, or need help finding additional resources, contact your school counselor or school social worker.
  • Remember, you are their model. How adults respond when someone dies has a major effect on the way young people react.

Additional information is provided in the LSW Counseling Center’s Personal | Social section of the website.