UNL’s Summer Architecture Workshop

UNL’s Summer Architecture Workshop is for students who may be contemplating a degree or career in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, or Interior Design, but want more information on those professions, our summer workshop may offer them more insight.

Application materials are due 4/2/2014, and can be found here.

 General Information


Summer Workshop 6/8-6/14/2014


What Is It?


This workshop, developed for high school students, provides a unique experience to investigate issues surrounding design and learn more about the design professions of architecture, landscape architecture and interior design. The workshop provides learning opportunities in the form of design studio explorations, seminars and discussions, field trips and video presentations. The central focus of the workshop is a design studio where design issues are explored and creative energies are nurtured. As part of the workshop students will visit professional offices, learn about various career opportunities, and develop fundamental skills necessary for the study of design.


Who Can Participate?


Students who have completed two or more years of their high school education and have an interest in architecture, landscape architecture or interior design are encouraged to apply. You do not need courses in art or drafting in order to participate. Applicants will be selected on the basis of a review of materials submitted with the application procedure. We have reserved space for 36 students in the workshop.


How Much Will It Cost?


The fee for the workshop is $585 per participant. This includes studio supplies, program fees, meals and lodging. Students participating in this residential program are supervised overnight while in the residence hall by College of Architecture staff.


How Do I Apply?


Each applicant must completely fill out the application form and provide two recommendations on the provided form from persons (other than family members) familiar with the applicant’s academic and creative ability. In addition, each applicant is to submit a 500 word essay which describes why you are interested in architecture, landscape architecture and/or interior design and why you wish to attend the workshop. Please be specific.


 All application material must be received by the College of Architecture office on or before April 2, 2014. Those who are accepted must confirm attendance by submitting the $585 fee on or before May 16, 2014. Those students not confirming by the deadline will be replaced by an alternate applicant.