Freshmen: 10 Tips for Success

Freshmen: Are you ready for high school to begin? If you are looking for ideas on how to be successful in high school, check out 10 Tips for Success listed below:

  • 1:  Believe in yourself
    • Identify your strengths & talents
      • Which school subjects do you like & do well in?
      • What can you do better than most of your friends?
      • What is your proudest accomplishment?
  • 2:  Be organized
    • Have what you need when you go to class (book, pencils, paper, etc)
    • Use a planner to keep track of assignments
    • Organize papers (homework, handouts, etc) in folders
    • Keep backpack & locker neat & organized
    • Get everything ready for the next day before you go to bed
  • 3:  Manage your time
    • Use school time wisely
    • Combine tasks (i.e. Practice a speech while doing the dishes)
    • Make a weekly schedule
  • 4:  Succeed in class
    • Have a positive attitiude
    • Have good attendance
    • Participate in class
    • Do your homework
    • Learn how to adapt
    • Be prepared for class
    • Be a good group member
    • Be respectful
    • Watch your body language
    • Be healthy
  • 5:  Take good notes
    • Recognize important info
    • Take organized notes
    • Use key words to help you study
  • 6:  Know how to read a textbook
    • Scan for a quick overview
    • Read with a purpose
      • Read introductions & summaries carefully
      • Read in a quiet place with good lighting & a comfortable chair
      • Read info out loud if it’s important or difficult
    • Review to remember
  • 7: Study smart
    • Make a plan before you start to study
    • Prioritize work
    • Complete difficult assignments first
    • Focus on one thing at a time
    • If you need to memorize info, do that first & then review it at end of study session
    • Allow more time than you think you’ll need
    • Break down info into smaller parts
    • Alternate types of homework (read English, do math, read history)
    • Take a short break every 20-30 minutes
  • 8:  Know how to write a paper
    • Choose a topic
    • Gather info
    • Organize ideas
    • Write first draft
    • Rethink, revise, rewrite
    • Write final draft
  • 9:  Be a good test taker
    • Get a good night’s sleep
    • Eat a good breakfast
    • When you get your test, if permitted — write anything you want to remember at the top (names, dates, formulas, etc)
    • Read the directions
    • Review entire test to decide how much time to allot to each question
    • Don’t spend too much time on difficult questions
    • Go with first instinct if unsure about answers
    • Check all answers
  • 10: Get help when you need it
    • Know your counselor’s name
    • Know where the counseling office is
    • Know how to see your counselor
    • Know your administrator’s name
    • Identify other people who can help you at school (i.e. school nurse, media specialist, secretaries, security, coach, etc)


Free Senior Portraits At Center for People In Need

What: Free Senior Portraits at Center for People in Need
Where: Center for People In Need
When: Saturday, August 24th
Time: 10AM to 2PM
Additional Info: Last year we had 4 photographers shoot about 50 seniors in that time frame. Each senior is allowed to have 1 outfit and prop to express him or herself.
For more info, please contact Ian Vosburg at 402-476-4357 ext. 202 or

Schedule Change Request Forms

As a reminder, the Counseling Center is closed for the summer. In response to inquiries about schedule changes. The four reasons for approved schedule changes are as follows:

  • Seniors need required classes for graduation/college entrance requirements
  • Students have already received credit for an academic class
  • Students have not met the pre-req (i.e. Have not had Geometry before Adv Algebra)
  • Students have an incomplete schedule (i.e. See Counselor)

For students who have one of these situations that may require a schedule change request, Schedule Change Request Forms are available in the Main Office & completed forms are to be returned there. Counselors will review requests when they return to work.