LPS Summer School

Beginning Monday, April 22nd, you will be able to access the Summer School Registration Booklet at www.lps.org under the Instructional Departments category. Summer school classes will be held May 30th through July 11th.Students may not have more than 3 absences from summer school. High school summer school is open to students who were in grades 9-12 during the 2012-13 school year. Tuition for LPS students is as follows:

  • $65 * 2.5 credit hours
  • $130 * 5 credit hours
  • $30 * Each additional 2.5 credit course
  • $60 * Each additional 5.0 credit course

Registration dates for summer school are listed below:

  • Week of April 22nd: LPS Seniors only
  • Week of April 29th: LPS Seniors and Juniors only
  • Week of May 6th:P All LPS students & non-LPS students
  • May 17th: Last day to accept and enter registrations at LSW.

Students interested in summer school should visit with their counselors to complete the registration form. For students with IEPS, they will need to check with their IEP managers for appropriate courses to register for.