Oxford X Program

Students (ages 16-18) of are invited to apply for a place on Oxford X, a prestigious forum being held in August 2013 in Oxford. Oxford X brings together some of the United Kingdom’s finest lecturers who are leaders in their fields from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and the London School of Economics to provide an unparalleled educational experience surrounding pertinent issues across the globe.

The program provides an unrivaled experience of the educational rigour at the United Kingdom’s top universities, whilst also providing participants with a unique and authentic experience of student life in Oxford. Participants will reside within Balliol College, experience the various organized excursions within Oxford and meet like-minded peers from a diverse background. Oxford X provides an unrivaled opportunity to enhance one’s education, whilst providing an invaluable insight vital for preparation to apply to the UK’s leading universities. This rewarding experience provides a unique stepping-stone to Oxford University, Cambridge University and the LSE; enrollment in the can be discussed in interviews, personal statements and university applications. Indeed, the content of the forum is particularly useful and relevant for those individuals considering applying for the following courses at university:

  • ·  Economics & Management
  • ·  Economics
  • ·  Politics, Philosophy & Economics
  • ·  Politics
  • ·  History
  • ·  Geography
  • ·  International Relations
  • ·  European Studies

Lecture topics are diverse, and are at a standard suitable for A-level (or equivalent qualifications); further details of the forum, lecturers, excursions and topics can be found on the website www.oxfordx.com . An information pack is also available to download at www.oxfordx.com/OxfordX-2013.pdf

Should you have any questions about the forum or the application procedure, please contact Caroline Davis at caroline.davis@oxfordx.com