Army ROTC Scholarship

Juniors in high school can start applying now for a scholarship with the Army ROTC Program.  Click here  to view instructions.   The scholarship will cover 100% tuition, $1,200 a year for books, and a monthly stipend starting at $300.  Exact dates for the boards are to be determined, but they are usually in October of this year and January and February of next year.  Students are encouraged to apply now if they are considering Creighton or UNO Omaha to receive assistance in being competitive for all three boards.  Seniors interested in the program can also contact Captain Minder, who will work with them through the summer to ensure that they are competitive for a campus based scholarship since they have missed the deadline to apply online for the national scholarship. Students may visit the Facebook page (shown below) to have a better understanding of what our Cadets do.

 There are various scholarships and ways to join the program. Contact Captain Minder at or 402-280-1154 for more info about the Blackwolves ROTC.

Lincoln Industries Open House

Lincoln Industries will be  hosting an open house on Thursday, April 4th.  This open house will be focused on our production roles and they are inviting interested LPS 2013 graduates to attend. Information is below:

Join the journey and join Lincoln Industries

 We are a local plating / manufacturing company that has been in business for 60 years.  We are the largest metal finishing company in the  United States and are located right here in Lincoln. 

 We select the right person for the right job and offer extensive training up front. We invest in our people by providing ongoing development and learning opportunities that foster career paths and strengthen the company as well as the individual.

As an organization, we have set ourselves apart from other manufacturing companies in a number of ways. Perhaps most important are our commitment to the wellness of Lincoln Industries people and our efforts to create a strong culture of caring. We firmly believe that a happy, healthier workforce creates a better end product.

 Career Open House – Thursday, April 4th   – 4:00-8:00PM

Lincoln Industries – 600 West E Street – East People Resources Entrance

 Come Interview for Production Roles Including:

  • Polishers
  • Material Handlers
  • Electroplaters
  • Coaters
  • Welders