Online Registration Update

Students are reminded that they have through midnight on February 17th to complete online registration for the 2013-14 school year. Congrats to the current freshmen for having the highest number of students registered for 80 hours next year. Below are the counts as of Friday, February 8th:

  •  Current 8th Graders: 0 hours = 131 students * 80 hours = 233 students
  • Current Freshmen: 0 hours = 59 students * 80 hours = 281 students
  • Current Sophomores: 0 hours = 55 students * 80 hours = 270 students
  • Current Juniors: 0 hours + 155 students * 80 hours = 123 students

Online registration assistance will be available during P/T Conferences. Please check in at the Media Center Computer Lab between 4 & 7 pm on Monday, February 11th.

Foundation for LPS Scholarships Update

Due to issues regarding the Recommendation Letter section on the STARS on-line scholarship system, the decision was made to remove the automated Recommendation Letter Request feature because of the issues it was causing.  Instead, students are to upload their letters and documents at the end of the process once actually applying for a specific scholarship.  This only effects students who utilized this feature.  For any students who have already submitted requests with this feature, they will need to ask the recommender(s) to email letters directly to them, this will allow the student to upload directly to the scholarship apply screen. The Foundation does not require recommendation letters to be “closed” so it will not be a problem for students to receive the letters directly.