Collegebound Nebraska

Visit for tips & videos to learn how collge is important and affordable. Prince Amukamara & Jordan Larson share info about this program on the Collegebound Nebraska channel on the YouTube video. You may also follow Collegebound Nebraska on Twitter, Facebook, & Tumblr for updates on the college planning process, campus updates, financial aid advice & more.

Did you know?

  •  According to the US Census Bureau, individuals with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $1 million more than over a lifetime than those with a high school diploma
  • In Nebraska, the average salary of a college grad is double that of a high school dropout
  • Students who qualify for a Pell Grant automatically qualify for Collegebound Nebraska but funds are first-come, first-served & they must meet the April 1st deadline for filing the FAFSA
  • By 2018, 63% of all jobs will require education beyond high school according to the Georgetown Center on Education
  • Taking AP (Advanced Placement) classes & dual enrollment classes can give students a head start on college
  • Choosing the right college for you involves 3 simple steps — Go. Visit. College.