Walking is Overrated Scholarship

Student writers at SOUTHWEST HIGH SCHOOL are invited to write articles regarding disability news, politics, research, public view, etc. to get students to start forming a greater field of view in his/her life. These articles will be posted on the Walking is Overrated website to give proper credit to the writers and editors. The students will receive 100% credit for their own works. Students are not limited to writing about current events or even nonfiction. He/she can choose to write creatively, such as in a poem or short story which may assist in the following achievements:

  1. Young people are our future and well educated young adults are a brighter future. We would like to give an opportunity for students to broaden their horizons.
  2. Through young writers, we can more effectively raise awareness about disability health and social burdens that are caused by disabled with failing health Student writers broaden their portfolios when it becomes time for college applications. Students will have a hands-on experience in real-world applications.

 In return, Walking is Overrated is offering published students recommendation letters for their college transcripts and chances to win $500 scholarships at the end of the semester.

There is a scholarship for the most prolific writer, as well as a scholarship for most popular article. If you are interested, please visit our website at: http://www.walkingisoverrated.org/student-writers/

Rotary Youth Exchange Program

To learn more about the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, click here. The preliminary application deadline is Friday, November 2nd. District interviews of students & parents will be held in Lincoln on Saturday, November 17th with the student lock-in planned for that evening. If you have questions, please contact Steve Gerdes, Rotary District 5650 Youth Exchange Chairman, at (402) 393-1435 or rye5650@fastmail.fm. The LSW Counseling Center Contact person is Mrs. Finkhouse.