Academic, Social, and Emotional Resources

Academic Resources

  • Fillable Pass/Fail form
  • Goal Sheet
  • Tips & Tricks for being a successful remote learner
  • Getting the most out of being a zoom learner
  • Math Help – LSE Math teachers are available nightly for individual help in their classrooms. For times when staff members aren’t available, the Math Help Room, in Room F201B, is open after school on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. During 8th period, the Math Help Room is open on Tuesday and Thursday. *Due to COVID-19, the Math Help Room is temporarily closed after school. If you need math help, please work with your math teacher after school.*
  • Knight House – Knight House is an after school program located in the media center.  Any student who wants a safe and supervised place to study or hang out after school can go the Media Center until 5:00 p.m. LSE staff and youth development workers from the Lighthouse will be available to assist students with academic, personal or social issues.

Social & Emotional Resources

Other Resources

  • LSE Food Market
  • Clothing Closet
  • Overcoming Test Anxiety
  • Study Skills
  • How to Earn the Best Grades You Can
  • Virtual Learning Resources from the American School Counseling Association
  • CHOICES – a prevention program facilitated by HopeSpoke. Choices focuses on making healthy decisions while finding alternatives to using substances, and addresses mental health issues. Students address peer pressure, healthy life styles, limiting high risk behaviors, goal setting, and how to navigate relationship or family dynamics. Students attend weekly individual and weekly group therapy sessions at school with a licensed mental health practitioner. If a student is a remote learner, telehealth options are available for both individual and group sessions. Choices is a free service for youth whose family income meets certain income guidelines, which the HopeSpoke therapist can work with the student’s parent(s) to assess.  Please contact your student’s school social worker for additional information or if you would like your child involved in the Choices program.