Dual Credit Off Campus Opportunities

These courses are taught by college instructors online or on the college campus and not at Southeast High School. Check with your school counselor regarding LPS credit through the options below. Always talk with your LSE school counselor prior to enrolling for any of these off-campus options. This is especially important if you need the high school credits to meet requirements for LPS graduation, athletic eligibility, or academic honors.

Nebraska Now

A program offered through the University of Nebraska – Lincoln that provides students with the opportunity to take a college class on campus at UNL. Enrollment and registration is completed online; prerequisites may be required. Learn more and see current course offerings by visiting the Nebraska Now website. *Calculus III may be offered as a 7am option at Lincoln Southwest. See your counselor for more information if interested in this class.

Dual Credit Advantage (DC Advantage-Online)

SCC Dual Credit Advantage program offers a variety of courses that meet many general education requirements in a flexible online format. Learn more by visiting the SCC DC Advantage website.

Attend The Career Academy (TCA)

TCA is a joint venture between LPS and SCC where students participate in hands-on experiences while earning dual credit in one of 12 pathways. Students spend part of their day at their home high school, but also have classes off campus at TCA. Since this is an LPS program, all courses taken at TCA are pre-approve dual credit classes. Learn more by visiting The Career Academy Website.