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My name is Linda Roh and I am very excited to be teaching at East High School this coming year.  I have been teaching and coaching at East High for the past 2 years.  Before I had my children I taught at Boys Town and Millard West in Omaha.  I will be teaching Pr-Calculus, Advanced Algebra and Advance Algebra Support class this year at East High.  I will also have the privilege to coach the Girls Reserve Basketball team.  I have three children who all attend East High.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve the East High community.

Classroom Expectations

1)  Students will be IN SEAT beginning work on the daily warm up by the bell.  (Tardies will be recorded and reported according to the Lincoln East Tardy Policy)

2)  Cell Phones will NOT be allowed in the classroom…bring a different calculator you will NOT be allowed to use your phone.

3) During lectures students are to be actively taking notes and participating in class discussions

4)  During group activities students are expected to be on task and working with the group assigned to them.

5)  Students need to come prepared for class each day.

6)  Homework will be completed daily.

7)  Everyone will be respectful to all in the classroom.



*Math Notebook

*Notes/assignments/warm-ups sheet/ ect.


*All work MUST be done in pencil



*Will have a few in class to share

 This is the STUDENTS job to come ready to work each class period so they will be successful in this class!!

Homework Policy

**Homework will be assigned DAILY

**Homework will be collected DAILY

*It is very important to stay up to date on homework so you do not fall behind with the material.  To be successful on math tests students need to do homework daily to get that daily feedback to make sure they are grasping concepts.

*Assignments will be posted in the room so if a student misses a day they just need to go to the board and copy it down.

*The assignment will also be posted on my website.  or you can use the jump code GMGR on the LPS home page.

*Late work will be accepted for full credit up until test day of that chapter.  After the test NO Late assignments will be accepted.

*Homework can be redone and turned back in for a better grade up until test day.