Pass-Fail Course Evaluation (S/U)

The S-U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) option enables a student to take a class to enrich his/her educational experiences without risk to his/her GPA.

Students considering taking a S/U class should know:

  1. Requests for S-U marks which are approved in writing by the student’s counselor and parent and which are filed in the school office by the beginning of the twelfth week for semester courses and the beginning of the sixth week for quarter classes shall be honored.
  2. Local colleges have said they will accept credits evaluated this way, but many universities and colleges do not accept grades marked satisfactory.
  3. Requests for marks to be reversed from S-U to A-F shall be honored anytime during the current grading period (per LPS Regulation 6570.3).
  4. The NCAA Clearinghouse will accept courses awarded pass-fail grades to satisfy core-curricular requirements, but counts them only as the lowest passing grade (D) when figuring core course GPA.
  5. Courses taken for marks of S and U shall not be included when computing honor roll or class rank.
  6. Each individual shall be limited to an S-U mark for ten credit points of course work in any one semester and to thirty credit points of course work in grades nine through twelve.
  7. Each individual may have the S-U mark automatically changed to their grade earned as long as is is specified on the Change in Course Evaluation Form.


  1. ______If I receive an A, change my grade from the requested S.
  2. ______If I receive an A or B+, change my grade from the requested S.
  3. ______If I receive an A, B+, or B, change my grade from the requested S.
  4. ______If I receive an A, B+, B, or C+, change my grade from the requested S.
  5. ______If I receive an A, B+, B, C+, or C, change my grade from the requested S.

1st Semester Course…DUE November 2, 2021

2nd Semester Course…DUE March 31, 2022

Implications for Academic Honors Recognition and NCAA Core-Curriculum Requirements for Student Athletes


  1. Students and parents should be aware that approval of a “Request for Change in Course Evaluation” might have implications for a student’s eligibility for Honor Roll, National Honor Society, and academic letters.
  2. Be sure that you know and understand these implications before submitting your request.
  3. Student-athletes who aspire to an athletic scholarship and eligibility to practice and participate in athletics during the first year of attendance at an NCAA Division I or II college or university are advised that courses for which the pass/fail grading option is elected can be used to satisfy the NCAA core-curriculum requirements. The NCAA will compute a “Satisfactory” grade as the lowest passing grade (D) to determine the Core Course GPA.
  4. Talk to your counselor or an Associate Principal if you have questions about these topics.


Honor Roll Requirements

This honor is given each semester to those with a cumulative weighted semester grade point of 3.5 or above. Students must carry 25 credits of letter grades to qualify.


Academic Letter

An academic letter is presented to those students who maintain a weighted 4.0 GPA in 25 credits of graded course work for two consecutive semesters.