Making an appointment with your counselor

Beginning August 18th, 2021: Follow these detailed instructions to make an

IN PERSON appointment with your ALPHA counselor.

Follow these steps:

  1. To make an appointment click the link for YOUR alpha counselor located below:
  1. When prompted you will need to login using your student LPS email (student and password.
  2. When the calendar opens, hover and click on the time slot you want. You will then be prompted to book an appointment.
  3. Delete “Open appointment” and enter your name.
  4. In the description box please enter Student ID# & any notes you would like to leave as to the reason for your visit.
  5. Hit Save to reserve the appointment. If the appointment slot is reserved before you hit save, your computer will freeze or lock up and your request will not save, and you will NOT receive a confirmation. You will need to refresh the calendar and try for another appointment.

If your request went through, you will receive an  appointment  invitation  email  in  your  LPS  email  account:

Please Note: You do not have to accept the appointment in your email because once you receive the email, you know your appointment is reserved. If you accept the appointment, this will put the appointment on your students Gmail calendar.

There will be no other reminder about this appointment, so please put it on your personal calendar.

Note: If you need to cancel your appointment, please CALL 402-436-1303, opt. 3 or visit with the Counseling Center Secretary, so we can reopen that time and you can use the system again to set a new appointment.

If you are experiencing trouble with the online request system, please call 402-436-1303, option 3 or visit the Counseling Center Secretary for assistance. 

Thank you for booking an appointment. We look forward to working with you!—Northeast High School Counselors