Getting Better

This is what we do…PLCs (Powerful Learning Communities) building quality formative assessments matched up with high leverage instructional strategies. That’s how we’re going to make the seemingly impossible possible!

What have you done better this year??? Please comment!

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2 Responses to Getting Better

  1. Skyler Reising says:

    This sums up so much of what makes sense in our profession. The more that I have listened to my peers and bounced ideas off of them, the more I find that they have even better ideas and can help me with what I am doing in my classroom.

  2. Alesia Spangler says:

    Someone who teaches at a different school asked me about this year just today and I said that I know more about why I do what I do and teach what and when I teach it more than I ever have before. In other words, the learning that we are doing at Elliott is making our actions so purposeful and deliberate. Just amazing!

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