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I have been watching Class Dojo for a while. I like it a lot, but have treated it like “fluff” – fun but not vital.
Well, it got bumped up on my list recently when I tried the app. The app has a random selection button – it’s just what it sounds like. It will select a random student, you call on them and record their response.

This can be used to record opportunities to respond – in fact, I think that once teachers are familiar with the interface, they could record this all on their own (something I had thought would be nearly impossible for a teacher to record without video). You can record group responses and individual responses.

Leave a comment if you are interested in scheduling a session to learn about this great tool. If you use it, please let me know that too!

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2 Responses to App of the Week – Class Dojo

  1. Parker says:

    dojos are the best

  2. kathy says:

    I would love to see the app in action!

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