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An iPad must be paired with an Apple iTunes account (& credit card) in order to install apps. Your iPad may have been purchased and paired with an iTunes account in one of three ways which will affect the way you install apps.


1) Personal iPad / Personal iTunes account
If this is your own personally funded device (not paid for with enhancement funds) and your own personal credit card & iTunes account, you can obviously install apps as you wish. If you intend to use it in an LPS building and on the LPS network, you should go out of your way to keep your app choices professional in nature. In no situation may you use an LPS purchasing card to fund a personal iTunes account or purchase an iTunes gift card.

2) LPS iPad / Personal iTunes account – STAFF USE
This is a common pairing of an LPS funded device with a personal credit card in the iTunes account. In this case you can install apps as you wish to support your use of the tool. When you turn the device back in to LPS, your apps stay with your personal iTunes account and can be used on another device that you choose to connect to your personal iTunes account.

3) LPS iPad / LPS managed iTunes account – STUDENT USE 
The apps on these devices are managed by LPS. A curriculum dept. has selected a default set of apps appropriate for the intended use of this device. Apps may not be added, but the default set of apps is reviewed periodically, and adjustments can be made at that time. The ExCITE iPads fall into this category.

Click here to see detailed ExCITE iPads Management Guidelines   Questions? Please e-mail Laura Bartels at

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