Learning with iPads-iPods

iPads for reading…

    • From the Library Media Center page
      • World Book Online: Students Book and World Book Kids are recommended for elementary grades.
    • Teacher Created and Aggregated Content
      • Content can be stored on Docushare and made accessible to students. Teachers can create collections of PDF they want their students to access for learning purposes and provide students with a JumpCode to access the content speedily. Here is an example.
      • Content can also me accessible to students via LPS Google Docs. Currently, Google Docs works best to read and complete forms using the iPads. It is not a friendly “writing” platform at this time (2-28-12)
    • Flash Based Content

      • As you know,  iPads inherently do not access “Flash” coded content such as animated presentations on Starfall.com, PebbleGo.com, BrainPop.com, ReadingA-Z.com, etc. HOWEVER, you can download a free app called “Rover”, which is a nutshell, serves as a Flash Player for iPads. This app already contains an elementary, middle school and high school collection of commonly used and popular site you can access from their collections, but you can also bookmark and thereby, customize your Rover library for your and your students’ use. If you are using a PM-iPad such as ExCITE, SPED, or ELL, please talk to your account administrator about getting this app if you are interested.
    • eBooks
      • Select and purchase books from the apps store. This is NOT an option if you are using a program’s iPads such as the ExCITE, SPED or ELL iPads. This is an option for IMS-iPads. Please discuss with your administration how app purchases erinbursements are handled at your building. If you are using a PM-iPad such as ExCITE, SPED, or ELL, please talk to your account administrator about acquiring books via the app store.

iPads for writing…

    • Most applications will work for pre-writing, vocabulary development and publishing opportunities. Example: Popplet (creating word/concept webs), Show Me (brainstorming, illustrating, presenting, etc.), Toontastic (animating a story/publishing), Doodle Buddy (illustrating and labeling writing.)
    • Notes: students may have a sheet with their notes on a particular iPad and access it when researching or working with other applications. However, if you decide to take notes, or have your students take notes on an PM-iPad using the notepad or any other application, beware that these notes and artifacts will be deleted when the account is synced again for updates. If you have an IMS-iPad, you may use the notepad app provided or you may consider acquiring apps that best suites your needs. Some great productivity apps are:
    • Using LPS Google Docs on the iPad for writing on documents is, at the least, “clunky.” This may change in the future. HOWEVER, Google Docs works great for reading and forms (online survey and quizzes.)

iPads for Listening and Speaking…

    • The iPads provide opportunities area of speaking and listening which we have not had before. By having students summarize, explain or simply tell about their earning in their own works in any subject area using simple voice recording apps or programs such as Voicethread. Some commonly used apps to add the speaking and listening opportunities are: Show Me and Dragon Dictation. “Show Me” is great because it not only records students voices, but it allows them to draw or write as they speak. “Dragon Dictation” is also an application you can explore for speaking support. DD transcribes speech into writing. DD will only work while the device is connected to wifi.

iPads for Formative Assessment…

    • Google Docs “Forms” works very well with the iPads. Students still need to log in to LPS Google Docs to access the forms. You can make a form accessible to your students by adding a link to it in the Docushare collection or by creating a jumpcode.
    • Be sure to build-in feedback opportunities for learning activities as to get most benefit for the effort.

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