Here is a link to a video that shows an overview of what Kindergarteners will learn in Language Arts this year. This is a video created by the district to be a resource for parents. The presenter gives you examples of ways that I will be teaching students to read and write at school as well as ways that you can support their learning. I would highly recommend watching it so that you know some of the vocabulary your student will use when learning to read and decode words.

Unit 1 Information (3 weeks)

For the next three weeks we will be working on the skills from the Unit 1 side of the white sheet in your child’s homework folders. Please have your child practice reading and writing their sight words often. Remember they can explore games involving our unit lists at my spelling city page. We are spending a lot of time this unit learning to write sentences with their sight words, lines and sound boxes. Know that I’ll be sending homework asking students to write 5 sentences starting in the next few weeks. We will also be talking about nouns and verbs over the next 6 weeks, so please feel free to use that vocabulary with your child at home.

Additionally, keep having your students practice their alphabet chant in and out of order. Keep quizzing your children on their on letter names and sounds. If you are looking for a fun way to help your student learn harder lowercase letters etc. Take a stack of post its and write the letters they are missing on a post it each. Post them on drawers in their bedroom, the fridge etc. and have them say the letters and sounds 5 times on the post it each time they open it etc. Remove the post its each time they master one. If you can handle putting up with the post its for a few days, I’m sure your students will love it! You can also have your kids match letter magnets to their alphabet chart etc.