Class Rules

Ms. Haack’s Class Rules include:

1. Be Safe

2. Be Responsible

3. Be Respectful

4. The adult is always in charge

5. I will not be hurtful or disruptive

At Roper we follow the BIST Behavior Model. I’ve listed the BIST Language that the kids are exposed to on a daily basis below. The kids will know what you are talking about if you use this at home also since these rules apply to a lot of situations.

1. I can be okay even if others are not

2. I can be okay even if I’m mad

3. I can do something even if I don’t want to

Part of the BIST behavior system is that if students are having a difficult time following directions, or breaking a rule, students will be given a redirect (chance to fix their behavior). After their redirect they will be asked to move to the safe seat. If you hear that your student went to the safe seat they are NOT IN TROUBLE. A safe seat is simply a desk where students sit to remove themselves from problem situations to think about their choices before they get into more trouble. In the safeseat students continue to do their work and process with the teacher about their actions and plan a way to fix their problem before returning to their desk.

Please don’t think that because your child went to the safeseat that it is a BIG deal.┬áMany kids need to go to the safeseat more frequently when they are adjusting to school and structure as they simply don’t know what behavior is and is not okay in Kindergarten. Kindergarteners are known to make more frequent trips then older students simply because everything is so new to them. That being said, if you are starting to notice patterns of safeseats then please do talk with your child about their choices at school.

In situations where students do not make positive choices in the safeseat, are choosing to be disruptive to the class or cannot calm down they will be directed to go to the buddy room. The buddy room is another Kindergarten teachers room that will be teaching the same lesson as we are covering so that they do not miss out on class time. When students go to the buddy room, they will sit in another teacher’s safeseat and process about their behavior with them before returning to our class to process with me. At times students will also work on some sort of independent work in the buddy room. Buddy rooms are something that you should definitely talk with your student about as we do not want to make them a pattern.